Line 6 HX Effects


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The Line 6 Helix HX Compact Multi Effects Processor packs in the same award-winning technology of the Helix family, but strips back this unit to just the effects modelling. This gives guitarists who prefer to use a ‘real’ amp the chance to utilise the revolutionary Helix effect modelling in a streamlined unit ready to hit the stage.

The Helix HX packs in over 100 effects models, including popular legacy effects from Line 6’s back catalogue of devices such as the DL4 delay. The Helix HX has many of the powerful Helix functions, including “Scribble Strip” LED screens for creating patch names and automatic pedal labelling. It also includes colour coded LCD rings and touch capacitive foot switches that let you access pedal settings simply by placing a finger on the metal footswitch.

The Helix HX has the ability to load in custom Impulse Responses, and has a range of connectivity options to suit the stage and the studio. The HX has the capability to be fully integrated with modern amplifiers and has amplifier switching control outputs along with an ability to connect via the 4-cable method to an FX loop and choose where your effects appear in the signal (before or after your amplifier’s preamp). If you loved the idea of the Helix floorboard but don’t require the amplifier modelling technology, now you can gain access to those powerful and musical effects pedal models to integrate with your amplifier. This provides you with a highly compact package with a huge range of sounds.



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