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With a fat, thick sound all its own and sleek, elegant style, the Player Jazzmaster stands out under the spotlight. It’s an inspiring instrument with a flexible, authentic Fender tone—a voice that works with any kind of music. The Jazzmaster keeps turning up in the hands of musical visionaries and rebels; it’s the ideal foundation for your sound. Rugged, raw and powerful, this guitar is ready to throw down.

The Fender Player Jazzmaster at a Glance:

New Pickups
Designed for authentic Fender tone—with a bit of an edge—our Player Series pickups keep a foot in the past while looking to the future.

Vintage Style Bridge
The vintage-style tremolo bridge can be used to create pitch effects ranging from subtle to radical, letting you add a cool personal touch to your music.

Coil Split Switch
The push/pull tone control selects the outside coil of the humbucking bridge pickup, unlocking classic single-coil sounds.

22 Frets
Adding another fret lets you bend the highest D up to an E, giving you access to four octaves of musical possibilities.

More Traditional Body Radius
The Player Jazzmaster body is hand-shaped to original specifications.

F Stamped Neckplate
Each Player Jazzmaster includes an “F”-stamped neck plate, leaving no doubt as to the instrument’s pedigree.



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