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The Twin Spot is a two-head piezo transducer that can be used to amplify a wide variety of instruments, including guitars, saz, oud, bouzouki, balaleika, cello, dulcimer, bongos, and many more.

Positioning the pickup heads at two spots results in a more balanced sound structure and a broader frequency range. The small heads are only 1/2 inch in diameter, allowing them to be installed unobtrusively and in hard-to-reach areas of an instrument.

The Twin Spot is available with either an external or internal jack. The external jack comes with a self-adhesive clamp for quick and easy placement on the instrument. The internal jack can be mounted from the outside so no soldering is necessary. The pickup heads are attached with a special double-side adhesive film, which is UV resistant to ensure safe adhesion even after years of use. It is ultra-thin and enables the harmonic frequencies to completely pass through to the pickup disks.


– Pickup Head diameter: 1/2″
– Pickup Height: 1/32″
– Impedance: High ohmic
– Length of connection cables 1 ft.
– Jack (External): Quarter inch, connected mono, with nylon shell and self-adhesive attachment
– Jack (Internal): Shielded Endpin Jack (stereo type, connected mono), no soldering necessary


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