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So you’ve decided that the bass is the instrument for you. You’re putting in the countless hours of practice, building your repertoire, and jamming with friends to tighten up your set in preparation for your onstage debut. The best-in-class durability, sound, and playability of the Yamaha BB234 makes it the ideal instrument to help you take that crucial first step down the road to being a serious musician.

Yamaha BB234 Bass at a Glance:

Custom V3 Pickups
A ceramic magnet pickup that delivers a clean, well-defined sound.

The new BB models are equipped with one tone control and two volume control knobs, for versatile sound shaping.

New Neck Shape
The New BB models feature a slightly thinner neck than previous BB basses, improving playability and feel for both modern and traditional players.

Lightweight Tuners
Lighter weight tuners offer a better balance and complement the overall feel, providing a perfect match for the smaller, lighter body of the new BB.




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