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The Yamaha Pacifica 112V is one the UK’s best-selling electric guitars, thanks to its superb build quality, brilliant playability and classic tone. As with most guitars, it usually has a rosewood fingerboard. But for guitarists after a stronger attack, we’ve made the Pacifica 112VM – identical in every way except that it has a maple fingerboard.

Together with its Alnico pickups and coil-tap function, it inspires all players with its dynamic sound both on and off the stage. Available from our Guitar Shop Herts.

The Yamaha Pacifica 112VM at a Glance:

Alnico V Pickups
Alnico V magnets are used for both single coil and humbucker to deliver a clear strumming tone with good projection plus a tight sound that doesn’t get buried in the ensemble.

Coil Tap Function
A coil tap function on the rear humbucker delivers a wide range of tonal possibilities, from hard distortion to an edgy single coil tone. A switch in the tone knob allows quick switching between humbucker and single coil tone. Setting the pickup selector to the 4th position automatically selects the coil tap function that delivers a clear halftone from the pair of singles.

Block Saddle Vintage Type Tremolo
The block saddle type vintage tremolo offers excellent operation. The heavy block type saddle delivers rich sustain and deep tone.

Ring Mount Rear Pickup
Like the flagship Pacifica models, the rear pickup is mounted directly to the body. This configuration captures body resonance, delivering greater dynamic tone rather than pickguard mounting.


  • 5P Pickup Selector
  • Master Volume (Push-Pull Switch)
  • Master Tone

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