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The Squier® Contemporary Telecaster® RH brings modern features and bold aesthetics to an iconic Fender platform to satisfy today’s most discerning and daring players.

At the heart of this guitar is a SQR™ rail humbucking bridge pickup and a Squier SQR™ Atomic™ humbucking neck pickup (RH = Rail humbucker, Humbucker), which offer a versatile range of massive genre-defying tones without hum.

The roasted maple neck was chosen for its optimal tone and stability, and a sculpted heel design allows for improved access all the way to the 22nd fret.

High-performance components round out the feature list and include a string-through-body hardtail bridge for ideal body resonance, and a set of sealed-gear tuning machines with split shafts for smooth tuning action and easy restringing. Eye-catching styling cues include stealthy black hardware and a sleek matching painted headstock with chrome logos for a premium look.

The Squier Contemporary Tele HH at a Glance:

Squier SQR Atomic and Rail Humbucking Pickups
This model features a Squier Atomic neck humbucking pickup and rail humbucking bridge pickup for massive modern tone

Bound Roasted Maple Neck
With an articulate tone, optimal stability and a deep, rich colour, roasted maple is a premium neck material.

Sealed Die Cast Tuning Machines with Split Shafts 
Sealed die-cast tuning machines have a smooth action for accurate tuning, and the split shafts make changing strings a breeze.

String Through Body, Hardtail Bridge 
A string-through-body bridge improves string resonance through the instrument for optimal tone, even in drop tunings.

Sculpted Neck Heel 
This guitar is designed with a sculpted neck heel for improved access to the upper frets.

12″ Fingerboard Radius 
This fingerboard radius allows for low action and is especially well-suited to bending notes and soloing.


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