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In terms of looks and attitude, few guitars can match the out and out appeal of the Vintage V100BLK. Offering an extraordinarily high level of specification, the build quality and constructional detail of the guitar includes a solid mahogany body and neck mated in true ‘set neck’ fashion for maximum tone-enhancing rigidity. An accurately-carved gently arched body top additionally adds to the V100’s distinctive look. The mahogany and maple tonewoods are the ideal recipe for the kind of sounds that this style of guitar is renowned for – smokey, sultry, sweet-toned bluesy licks with a warm jazzy feel from the neck pickup help soothe the soul with an emotional calm. Charging to the other extreme with a flick of the 3-way selector switch allows the back pickup to rage and rampage through high gain amplification like no other.

This one is in Gloss Black.


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