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The Vox VX50 AG Acoustic Guitar Amplifier is a lightweight amp with 50-watts of output power. The VX50 provides an incredibly warm tone thanks to the inclusion of Nutube, whilst the 8-inch speaker emits excellent high-frequency sound. The bass reflex structure ensures a rich, deep tone and the ABS chassis ensures optimal resonance for the acoustic guitar amplifier.

Both instrument and microphone channels are available, with phantom power supplied for condenser mics, each with a 3-band EQ for sound-shaping. These 2 channels also feature individual effects such as chorus and reverb, enabling users to sculpt the sound of both their guitar and vocals. There is an AUX in jack for audio players, line out jack for PA systems and a headphone jack ideal for private practising sessions.

Lightweight & Compact Construction

This versatile amp from Vox projects great sound due to its high 50W output power, providing musicians with a sophisticated and compact design that is incredibly easy to travel with. Its one piece ABS chassis provides great durability and superb sound quality, whilst still maintaining its lightweight, easily transportable body.

Nutube Tube Sound

To provide players with high 50W output power, the VX50 has a new vacuum tube, Nutube. Although this attractive amp seems like it would be heavy due to its design, it will surprise players with its small size and easily transportable weight. The VX50 is power-efficient and projects the warm sonic pleasures and power of vacuum tubes that simply cannot be replicated.

Superior High Frequency Guitar Tones

The VX50AG features a dynamic, highly-powered eight-inch speaker with a tweeter. The Vox Acoustic Guitar Amp delivers a considerable amount of low range whilst projecting clear and crisp highs. The output is transparent-sounding, meaning there is no change in the signal from the input to the output, providing players with pure sound that doesn’t allow the technology to block your natural tone. This unique and recognisable amp has excellent speaker positioning, offering superb response in a sophisticated and compact design.

Powerful Performance

The VX50AG features the innovative and optimised bass reflex structure that has been specifically adjusted especially for the acoustic guitar. To provide its incredible lightweight, longevity, and stunning acoustic characteristics, the VX50 features an ABS polymer chassis. This also enables a 3D design that would be near-impossible when using wooden materials, and attains the ultimate cabinet resonance. The VX50 uses wood for the baffle, producing the desired resonance for a guitar amp.

Detailed Sound-Shaping

The Vox Acoustic Guitar Amp has both an instrument and mic channel, providing players with the ultimate stage-ready setup. The instrument channel features a 3-band EQ that includes bass, mid, and treble, providing players with the ideal controls for shaping the full range of an acoustic guitar voice. The instrument cable channel also features premium quality chorus, reverb, and chorus and reverb together. Situated below the instrument channel is the mic channel which features a two-band EQ that includes bass and treble with the added convenience of optional reverb effect. As well as providing the ideal setup for singers and guitarists, the VX50 has a built-in limiter that prevents undesirable and distorted sounds, even if the master volume is raised too high. This compact and sophisticated system from Vox features everything the gigging musician needs for the perfect sound shaping setup.

Multiple Channel Control

The Vox VX50AG provides players with instrument and microphone channels with phantom power. Both inputs has a stand-alone volume control, meaning you can get the perfect sound level and balance between guitar and vocals. As well as this, the instrument input also features a phase switch, which decreases undesired acoustic feedback. In addition to its great features, the VX50 also comes with an AUX in jack for connecting to your tablet, smartphone, audio devices, or rhythm machine for jamming sessions. A line out jack is able to connect to your PA system and a headphone jack makes practising at home easy.


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