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The Yamaha AES1500 is a classic archtop hollowbody guitar design. It also has custom electronics to create a guitar ready for everything from the cleanest of jazz rhythms to the dirtiest of rock leads.

A combination of traditional maple back and sides/sycamore top construction and a stop-tail bridge with high-power Dimarzio pickups and Yamaha’s ultra-versatile switching system means that this guitar is as versatile as it is classy.

The Yamaha AES1500 At A Glance:

Sound Character

Two DiMarzio Q-100s produce a sound that lies between a single coil and a humbucker. Push push tone controllers split pickup coils allowing this guitar to cover a wide selection of sounds from Jazz to Blues to Rockabilly.

Semi Hollowbody

What looks like a full acoustic guitar is actually a semi-hollow design with a centre block located underneath the bridge to prevent feedback.


The AES1500 is equipped with a Tune-O-Matic bridge.


1 : Front Volume 2 : Rear Volume 3 : Front Tone (Push-Push Switch) 4 : Rear Tone (Push-Push Switch)


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